MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017

Teacher KNOCKED OUT During Girl Fight at Cheltenham High School

WYNCOTE, Pa. (WPVI) — Video shows a fight that erupted in Cheltenham High School on Wednesday morning, and it ends with a teacher being knocked to the ground, apparently unconscious.

The now-viral video shows the incident that happened around 7:30 a.m.

The video begins with two female students in a confrontation. Within moments, they begin to fight.

Not long after, two more girls can be seen fighting.

The nearly minute-long video shows the violence escalate, with the girls throwing punches and going to the ground.

At one point a teacher intervenes in an apparent attempt to break up the fight.

She was then hit in the head, apparently by accident, and falls to the ground. She remains still and does not move before the video ends. We’ve learned she was sent to the hospital.

The school district’s superintendent sent a letter to parents indicating several teachers were injured during the melee, but there was no information as to the severity of any of those injuries.

Meanwhile, we spoke with several students and parents who say that not only is fighting a lingering problem at Cheltenham High, but there were one or two more fights later Wednesday.

They say that’s in addition to at least a dozen more fights over the past four weeks.

“Around 15 I’d say, but there’s been a lot. I’ve been here four years and it’s just exponentially growing,” said senior Andrew Crosby.

“I’m surprised that it’s never been covered until finally there was video evidence of what’s going on in that building,” said parent Christopher Dean.

Repeated calls to the police and the school district by Action News were not returned.

In a earlier letter to parents, Principal Ray McFall said there was no official lockdown called, but first period was extended while police and school officials dealt the the situation.

The students involved were removed from the school, McFall said. There was no immediate word on any charges.

McFall went on to say there were additional adults in the building to monitor hallways and exterior areas, but the school is now calm and the school day is proceeded as usual.

McFall noted that counselors were available for students who need to talk about the incident.
The letter goes on to say that fighting will not be tolerated.

McFall also had strong words about those who record fights on video, saying “Those who are found to have filmed a fight will meet with swift disciplinary actions.”

“This morning’s incident, is without doubt, a gross violation of our code of conduct and therefor completely unacceptable. I ask that every single parent have a serious conversation at home this evening about student stressors and appropriate management of them; violence is never a viable option,” McFall’s statement reads.
“Students who are experiencing extreme conflict and stress must seek out an adult and deal with it appropriately in a timely manner before the stress erupts into a fight as it did this morning.”

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