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SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2015



So at the end of the day you end up giving this chick just about $1 Million and you only hit

5 times… #SMH – It couldn’t have been that good

Former NBA baller Stephon Marbury was exposed for cheating with his “personal chef”

after his hush money checks stopped and she took him to court!

Possible new “Basketball Wives” addition Tasha Marbury will have a really juicy “cheat-

ing” story to share with the cast as her hubby’s cheating ways were exposed in court re-

cently!  Back in 2006, during his glory days with the NY Knicks, Stephon carried on an

 affair with the family’s chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, and offered her $900K to keep quiet

about it. During the time of the tryst, the NY Knicks and Isiah Thomas were dealing

with their own sexual harassment scandal and Stephon diidn’t want his personal life

to add fuel to the fire. And naturally…he didn’t want to embarrass his wife AND child-

ren either!  Everything was cool….until the checks stopped in 2010. Although Stephon

 had already paid Thurayyah $600,000, she wanted the rest of the money he promised.

The “dealings” were exposed yesterday after an arbitrator awarded Thurayyah

$330,000 and the filings became public.

In the docs, Thurayyah says she and Stephon had sex 5 times and he “made her believe

that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job.”

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