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TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015

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A mother and daughter in Tampa, Fla., have a unique way of expressing family toget-

herness — by creating a freaky flick site and shooting sex scenes together.

The duo — known collectively as “The Sexxtons” — like many performers, don’t give

out their last names. Jessica, the mom, and Monica, the daughter, have been creating

freaky content for their self-titled website for the past year and have just released a


In order to confirm the Sexxtons are really related and not just claiming that as a

marketing gimmick, The Huffington Post reviewed both women’s driver’s licenses,

and their private Facebook pages, as well as private family photos going back 20


Although mother and daughter have sex in the same room at the same time — often

with the same male or female partner — they insist that their encounters are not

illegal. For legal and personal reasons, they don’t actually touch each other during

sex scenes.

“We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one,” Jessica, 56, explained to The Huffing-

ton Post. “We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.”

Monica, 22, said the freaky choreography is a lot more difficult than her mom makes

it sound.  “It’s not easy to do,” she told HuffPost. “Our lips never touch and that can

be a problem when filming.”

Those precautions, the Sexxtons said, are what keeps their scenes from legally being

“interactive”, even if experts like Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieber-

man, who has never treated the Sexxtons, considers their activities to be “emotional


“This crosses so many lines, it’s like a labyrinth,” Lieberman told HuffPost. “Even if

they’re not having sex with each other, it has to be titillating to one or both or them,

so it crosses the line since sexual arousal comes into the mix.”

Monica acknowledges the mother-daughter p*rn is enjoyable. “I enjoy the sex and

I enjoy being with my mom,” she said. “During the scenes, I think about how we’re

going to be filthy rich.”

“I’ve always been an “curious” and sex just oozed out of me,” she said, adding that

she lost her virginity at the age of 12. “It was my idea. I dropped out of school in

ninth grade and figured this was a good way to earn money.”

For the most part, the Sexxtons only have sex in the same room when on camera,

but Jessica said they did do a threesome with one of her boyfriends one night.

“We were talking about sex and it happened. We all had a good time,” she said.

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