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FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015

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Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Ep. 309 (Recap)
What the Hell ???

First of all, why do these b*tches take a trip to France just to fight. British

claims her and Brandy squashed their beef from the Mediterrian party, but then

she tells Jackie and Sundy that she don’t play all the time and that b*tch better

realize it quick. Forreal British ???

SMH… Obviously you still got beef!!!

And then Jackie got mad at Malaysha because she said she’s more friendly with

Brandy than her. How old are you Jackie, like forreal why are you so upset ???

This ain’t the 4th grade. Who gives a f*ck if another b*tch likes them or not.

These b*tches at diner arguing about who’s real and who’s fake… lol

As Sundy was sitting at the table waiting for something to jumpoff again,

instigating as usual. Don’t get your eye shut again Sundy!!!

And what was she drawing anyway??? Talking about she’s good at sketching,

that drawing was horrible!!!

SMH, these b*tches need to grow up!!!

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Basketball Wives LA episode 7
Jackie develops a bottle for the cognac brand she hopes to launch. As payback for her experience in Palm Springs, Draya hosts all the ladies at an excruciating Mud Run. And Jackie forces a meeting with Draya to clear her daughter’s name.

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On the last episode of Basketball Wives LA sh*t finally hit the fan with Draya Michele

and Sundy Carter . Sundy has been hating on Draya all season, for what we don’t know.

But Draya finally snapped back and gave Sundy some act right…

watch the video below cause it’s hilarious !!!

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It has already been confirmed that three new cast members have been

added –  Sundy Carter, Brittish Williams, and Brandi Maxiell, are joining

“Basketball Wives: L.A.” to stir the never ending home wrecking/cat-

fight/b*tchy pot.

VH1 premiered the three minute super trailer for “BBW: LA” season 3

kicking off February 17th.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the super trailer:

Brittish, who is not even 25 yet, cares more about the the money &

lifestyle she has (from her “business” and her man Lorenzo Gordon)

than she does about whether her man is cheating on her.

“He might still dip and dab sometimes but as long as I don’t know

about it we’re good,” Williams says in the trailer. “I don’t know if he

dips and dabs, but do you think I put it past him?”

She also seems to be taking her new job on the show real seriously

as the resident firecracker. She and Malaysia may fight it out. And

speaking of Malaysia, she may finally address her rumored split

from husband Janero Pargo.

The three new chicks seem to have been drawn into Jackie’s clutches

as her new “posse”. We’ll see how that holds up throughout the season…

There will be unnecessary catfights about “attitudes”. And about cer-

tain cast members sleeping with married men.

Plus word is that Draya’s boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, maybe cheat-

ing on her with Jackie’s daughter.

Peep the super trailer below

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