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Porsha Stewart’s divorce to Kordell Stewart can be wrapped up in a few words: “You leave with what you came with!”
After all that drama, airing of dirty laundry, and rumors and reputations called into question, it seems as though Porsha Stewart lost out big time in her divorce settlement from Kordell. The two tied the knot back in 2011 and were only married for 22 months, which resulted in Porsha walking away with no alimony, no house, none of Kordell’s NFL retirement money, no lump sum of cash, no insurance…nothing. And to make matters worse, she was ordered to pay off her own remaining credit card balances.

It’s almost like a western movie. She gets the Mercedes she drove in on, and that’s about it. She does get to keep the engagement ring and all of her personal crap … jewelry, clothes and other personal items.

As for Kordell … he gets two houses, 2 plots of land, a 2013 Mercedes and a 2010 Porsche, and his full retirement benefits. He also gets to keep a 100% interest in his companies.

Porsha was fighting like crazy to stay in the house, but Kordell changed the locks on her.

On the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kordell told Peter that the divorce was taking a long time to finalize because Porsha wanted things that he just wasn’t willing to pay out so their lawyers were going back and forth.

If she is still receiving $5K a month in spousal support, then she may be alright if she starts downsizing and budgeting, but if that was swiped away too, she may be in trouble.

It is rumored that producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta are thinking about giving her the boot.


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porcha Stewart

The Real Housewives of Atlanta came back with a bang last night as Porsha just about

let the cat out of the bag speaking about her soon-to-be Ex-Husband Kordell  Stewart’s

Down Low Lifestyle!!!

She basically said that there have always been gay rumors about him and when she

asked him about it he tried to brush it off/feed her some B.S. but never denied it.  She

also said that there have been plenty of times where he didn’t want her physically and

she implied that maybe Kordell was using her as a cover/shield to hide his gay peference.

Then (Mind Blogging as this seems) she said she offered to work out their marriage if

he got personal and couples counseling.

But after Kordell said NO, he’s done,  Porsha said since if he wants to get down and dirty

(he locked her out  just for coming in late) the she’ll tell all his dirty little secrets !!!

Do You Think Kordell is Gay ???

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As Porsha Williams (Stewart) lay sleeping at her mom’s home, Kordell

Stewart and his legal team quickly filed documents “explaining” why he

changed the locks on their Atlanta mansion. 

On when and why he changed the locks:

The locks were changed on April 2, 2013. He claims Porsha established a

routine of leaving (the) pre-marital residence without explanation and

without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would

have on the parties’ marriage , and (Kordell’s) nine year old son.

On how he informed Porsha (via text) of the lock out:

“Hey, reaching out not knowing who may or may not have keys to the

house at this point, I was concerned for our safety so I changed the locks

on the house. If and when you need to get in, give me a heads up so you

can get in”

On why he shouldn’t have to provide Porsha with any money for reloca-


“She is a celebrity, and has the income through appearances, endorsements,

Bravo and other entities …(Porsha) should be capable of supporting herself

but may not be able to as a result of her own financial negligence.”

You can so tell this dude is bitter about Porsha ever doing the show and

choosing “celeb” life over housewife life that caters to him. The whole

“well she’s a celebrity now” and “she supports herself” comments are so

sarcastic. And we would know, it’s our first language.

We’ve shown you several pics of Porsha out and about in Atlanta, so we

do understand that she’s NOT sitting at home dealing with Kordell’s anger

and resentment. But did her really try to insinuate that he going out for a

few drinks and/or club appearances amounts to abandonment?!

Damn…how needy are you Kordell?

So, we’ve learned that he waited for her to leave one night and quickly

changed the locks. After that…he sent her a text saying he’s “concerned”

for his safety. Now we’re confused. Isn’t he a former NFL superstar with

the physical capabilities of protecting his home and family? And who

would Porsha be “giving” her house keys to?

Is it just us, or does it seem that if a chick gets her own check…it makes

him feel threatened. Given, Porsha knew what she was getting into when

she signed her name on that marriage license. But damn son. No leeway

for the weary?

Reality TV will continue to be the death of couples…

See the documents here:


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Porsha Stewart talks reuniting with Kordell, her friendship with the other housewives and returning for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On getting back together with Kordell, Porsha says:

“You know, I really don’t have the space in my mind to consider that right now. I’m in the middle of a divorce, so reconciliation is not at the top of my list. So, that’s not something I’m thinking about.”

Porsha says she still hasn’t committed to returning just yet:

“You know, it’s a possibility. You know, this last season for me was bittersweet. I gained some great girlfriends and some oner situations just fell apart for me. So it’s something I’m considering, I just haven’t really decided just yet.”

And when it comes to friendships with the other housewives:

“Well NeNe and Phaedra have just been amazing to me. You know, after they heard about the situation (the divorce), everybody reached out. So I was thankful for that. That was nice to see everybody come together for the sisterhood in support of me. So that was nice. But those two ladies are ladies that I talk to.”

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Poor Porsha. As much as her lazyness and ignorance irks us to no end, no one deserves to have to go through this type of divorce with the lameness that is Kordell Stewart.

Porsha told everything last night while she was on Andy’s show with Vivica Fox. And it’s just as bad as we thought. She was blindsided and learned of her divorce from Twitter:

I was totally blindsided. At the reunion (before the papers were filed), I did feel some kind of way because I did want my husband there with me. But I was standing strong representing for my family. I was a wife, that was my title and that’s what I took on and had ownership of. But when I found out about the divorce it was absolutely a surprise. I was laying in the bed and woke up and I tweeted “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” And I put the phone down and took another nap like I always do sometimes (Sigh). And then I looked back at my phone and my sister was calling me over and over. She said “Have you heard?” I said ‘heard what’ and let me go to Twitter. (Double sigh)

The first thing I see is ‘Kordell divorcing Porsha. I’m like, ‘this is a crazy joke’. But yes, I found out from Twitter. I called my sister back and said I’m going to ask him about it–I went in there and asked him. He was there (in the house) (TRIPLE SIGH). I asked him had he filed. And I felt very disappointed and let down.

Porsha explained that divorce was not her choice, and she feels betrayed:

“When I got married, I meant it for life. I always said I would never get a divorce unless he cheated on me. I had to find out from my attorney if it was true, he had to look it up online. And yes, they’re still living in the same house together. But she said that doesn’t mean they speak and it doens’t mean she’s still cooking eggs and hamhocks. She says she spends time away with friends and family in Atlanta and “It’s a difficult situation right now. It’s something I did not want. I had asked previously can we work this out, can we go to counseling.”

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