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philly murders
and this is just the reported murders, SMH…

A double shooting overnight at a bar in Northeast Philadelphia caps off a very dangerous and deadly twelve hours in the city.

According to police, two people shot in the area of D Street and Wyoming Avenue in the Feltonville section of the city. One male shot twice in the back and taken to Temple University Hospital in critical condition, while another in his 20s was shot in foot and taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Philly has already seen 52 murders in 69 days, and it could have been 53 if police did not rush this latest shooting victim to the emergency room in their car, FOX 29′s Steve Keeley reported from the scene.

Before this the Daily News reported that Philly, with 6.8 million fewer people, already had more murders this year than New York City.

Wyoming remains closed between D and Hurley streets as police continue to investigate.

Elsewhere, police are searching for the gunman wanted in a deadly triple shooting overnight. It happened at 11:30 p.m. on the 6500 block of Limekiln Pike.

A 31-year-old man was killed and two others were rushed to the hospital, where one is in stable condition. The third victim’s condition is unknown.

Authorities say the gunman fled from the scene in a white, four-door vehicle

Not far from there in Germantown, police are investigating another shooting. This one was on the 5500 hundred block of Matthews Street.

Police say a man was shot there also around 11:30 p.m. He was rushed to the hospital, with a gunshot wound to his thigh. There was no immediate word on the victim’s condition Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, seven men are in custody in connection with a deadly double shooting and standoff in the Logan section.

It happened just before 6 o’clock last night on the 1300 block of West Ruscomb Street. Authorities say more than two dozen shots were fired.

A 22-year-old man died at the scene. Another victim is now in stable condition.

Police say the suspects ran inside a nearby home, leading to a barricade situation that lasted for nearly two hours. The suspects eventually surrendered peacefully.

Police say they also recovered several weapons at the scene.

And another deadly shooting happened in Philadelphia’s Olney section. A 22-year-old man was shot and killed near the campus of La Salle University late Tuesday afternoon.

Police say an argument between two men led to the shooting. The victim was not affiliated with the university.

Police are looking for the gunman.


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PHILADELPHIA – March 1, 2013 (WPVI) — Of the 334 homicides in Philadelphia in 2012, more than 150 of them are still unsolved.

Not only are the killers still on the streets, but those 150 families are still waiting for justice. They are crying out for more to be done to keep Philadelphia safe and to make sure dangerous criminals are behind bars.

“We are just hoping that someone has seen something,” said Mike Hagan.

It’s a somber walk, Hagan has made dozens of times, posting flyers. His son, Michael was gunned down on July 1st in Society Hill.

“When are we going to get an answer?” said Hagan.

It’s a question that he and many other Philadelphia families are still asking.

“We don’t know nothing. It is a mystery, a big mystery,” said Rafeal Colon.

Colon’s sister Melanie disappeared on May 8th from her North Philadelphia home.

“It’s not fair. Me and my family have to live like this every day,” said Colon.

Her body was found days later on Mother’s Day in Juniata Park but her killer has yet to be found.

“I think they are not doing enough,” said Colon.

A feeling that’s all too similar to the family of Eric Murray.

Murray, a father of two, was shot to death when gunmen burst through the door and unleashed a barrage of bullets on him.

“I don’t feel safe anytime I walk out the door nowhere in this city,” said Alfred Burton, Murray’s father.

Burton says it was a vicious robbery attempt.

“That was it, he started shooting. And my son came out of his room, and fell in the hallway,” said Burton.

These three families and so many others are still seeking justice.

“Somebody needs to do something,” said Burton.

“My sister did not kill herself. My sister did not take a gun to shoot herself six times,” said Colon.

Action News tracked down Police Commisioner Charles Ramsey at a public safety event and asked if more needs to be done to solve homicides in the city.

“We’ve got an excellent homicide unit. And it takes time, not every homicide is easy to solve. But those we do not solve, usually it is within a few days and sometimes it takes a little longer,” said Comm. Ramsey.

Ramsey also says the difficulty in many cases is that there are no witnesses or at least no one that is willing to come forward.

“We do what we can to get them off the street,” said Ramsey.

As for the families, they are still seeking answers.

“Get this guy who killed Michael, get him off the streets, he doesn’t belong on the street,” said Hagan.

“There is not a day, an hour goes by that it doesn’t cross my mind,” said Burton.

The families affected are still struggling to understand why there have been no arrests and why so many killers are walking free.

“We have to keep working at it. And we have to keep doing all we can to get these violent offenders off the street because they are not going to stop,” said Comm. Ramsey.

The Philadelphia Police Department has an ongoing $20,000 reward for tips that result in a conviction for any homicide in the city.

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And that’s only the reported shootings,  so that number is more than that….

I hope they don’t think these every once in a blue moon Anti-Violence Marches are going to stop

what’s going on out here in these streets… Cause sadly it’s not… People out here running around

with no fear and no hope of anything other than what they see on an everyday basis and it’s only

getting worst…. #SMH

In the midst of a year that has seen hundreds of shootings and murders in the Philadelphia area,

local residents are joining police to raise awareness on violent crime.  Tuesday marked National

Night Out, a nationwide anti-violence campaign. A Night Out event was held in West Philadel-

phia where people of all ages participated.  NBC10 spoke with one Hunting Park resident and

her granddaughter who say they are fed up with the violence in their neighborhood.

“I can’t even sleep in the night sometimes,” said 10-year-old Ciani Hernandez. “I’m just think-

ing about that, about all the violence that is going on.”

“You don’t feel safe,” said the girl’s grandmother Milta Christian. “Any place you go you have

to be looking around.”

“I’m even scared to come out to the porch because you don’t know what’s going to happen,”

said Ciani.

As of Tuesday, there have been 812 shootings and 212 homicides in Philadelphia, 17 more

than at this time last year.  “There are too many guns out there,” said Milta. “In the newspaper

they refer to Philadelphia as ‘Killadelphia.’ The name changed.”  NBC10 spoke with Philadel-

phia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey at a Night Out event in West Oak Lane where he

met with families.  “The problem isn’t so much at the local level as it is at the state and federal

level with the lack of real, firm gun laws,” said Commissioner Ramsey.  Yet even with the hun-

dreds of shootings that have taken place, Commissioner Ramsey tells NBC10 he believes the

city is getting a bad rep.

“There is a lot more positive going on in the city of Philadelphia than negative,” said the Com-

missioner.  (you think so ??? )

NBC10 asked Ciani what she would say to Commissioner Ramsey if she met him.

“Please send more police around the blocks to check on us,” she replied.

Commissioner Ramsey spoke more on the violence via twitter. He tweeted the follow-


“It is going to take the community to partner with us to make Philadelphia safer…”

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PHILADELPHIA – March 24, 2012 – Philadelphia Police criss cross the city Saturday night

with multiple homicides and shootings.

7:00pm  Homicide in South Philadelphia

Philadelphia Police are investigating a homicide in South Philadelphia Saturday night.

It happened just before 7:00pm at 27th and Dickenson Streets.  Police say the 21 year old

male victim was a customer inside the Twin Dragon Restaurant when two men came in

and shot the victim in the head.  The victim was pronounced dead at the Hospital of the

University of Pennsylvania.  Police have no suspects.

7:00pm Man shots at Police in Germantown

In Germantown, police responded to call about a man with a gun at Aramat and Baynton

Streets.  When they arrived, the man shot at police, who then returned fire.  The man

was taken to Einstein Medical Center with a bullet wound to the torso.  He is listed in cri-

tical but stable condition.  The incident happened shortly after 7:00pm.

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It’s sad but it’s nothing they can do to stop it. It’s just out of control…., If they think

putting more cops on the streets or if more people start snitching is going to help

then they are sadly mistaken…

The bloody start to 2012 got worse Wednesday with three more murders in Phila-

delphia.  The most recent killing happened around 7:40 p.m. on the 2000 block of

Bridge Street in Frankford as a 32-year-old man was shot in the head, according

to police.  He was pronounced about 20 minutes later at the hospital. Police didn’t

any immediate suspects in the case.  Earlier, around 2:30 p.m., police say they

were called to a home on the 4500 block of N 19th Street in Logan where they found

a 63-year-old woman and 34-year-old man dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

It was unclear who shot whom in that incident but it did count for another homi-

cide, police said.  Also around 2:30, a 23-year-old man was shot while sitting in a

Jeep Cherokee on Arch Street near 56th Street in West Philadelphia, according to

police.  Cops say the unidentified man was able to stumble a half block towards

Market Street before he collapsed. He died around 3 p.m. at a nearby hospital,

police said.  There was no immediate word on a possible suspect.  These three

murders bring the homicide total to 31 for the year — a number well above the

total on this date in any of the previous five years.  The killings came a day be-

fore city leaders were scheduled to lay out their plan to prevent violence in the

city. On Thursday Mayor Michael Nutter and other city leaders are expected

to announce his plan to battle crime in the city.

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