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Russell Westbrook Calls KD a BITCHASSNIGGA and VOWS that he Will Get that Azz Back (video inside)

Lol, they know Russ crazy….

OAKLAND, Calif. — Russell Westbrook said he is going to “get his ass back,” with regard

to Zaza Pachulia’s hard foul in the second quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ 121-100

win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday.

“He hit me kind of hard,” Westbrook said. “But it’s all right. I’m gonna get his ass back.

Straight up.”

With time ticking down before the half, Pachulia knocked Westbrook down, appearing

to push the ball into Westbrook’s face. Westbrook remained on the floor holding his face.

Pachulia was handed a flagrant foul 1 for the play, following a review by the officials.

But what upset Westbrook was Pachulia’s reaction to the foul. The Warriors big man

took a couple of steps to stand over Westbrook when the Thunder point guard was on the


“No, I didn’t see that until just now, but I don’t play that game,” a clearly agitated West-

brook said. “I’m gonna get his ass back. Whenever that is, I don’t know what it’s going

to be, but I don’t play that game.”

The Warriors visit the Thunder on Feb. 11.

“I thought it was a good steal, honestly, because I had the ball in my hands,” Pachulia

said. “Officials called a foul; there’s nothing you can do. A foul is a foul. If it was a hard

foul, it was a hard foul. There is nothing you can do. So you just move on. If he got hurt,

that’s fine too. It’s part of the game.”