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Chaundrea Nicolle


Chaundrea Nicolle (Rich Dollaz’s baby mama above)


Things might be going from bad to worse for music manager turned reality star

Rich Dollaz. Not only was he arrested in the middle of an interview over child sup-

port, the very same woman reported him to the FBI for using a false identification


It’s been reported Dollaz’s suspected baby mama Chaundrea Nicolle handed proof

over to the FBI that Rich, real name Richard Trowers, has identification that says

his name is Reginald Sapp. Nicolle’s proof is a plane ticket the music manager used

to board a plane from New York City to Memphis, TN.

The plane ticket Chaundrea Nicolle turned over to the FBI is said to be the ticket of

Dollaz’s last trip to the south before he was arrested for his paternity case Chaun-

drea Nicolle hit him with that’s still currently pending.

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Rich Dollaz is having an extra rough couple of weeks. After his sarcastic claim of

being engaged to Erica Mena backfired, he caught heat about his girl (and him being

with other women) on radio interviews, and yesterday, he was arrested in Memphis.

News broke late last night that Rich Dollaz was creeping through Memphis…and ended

up getting arrested. He was there to scope out a talent showcase. But when 5-0 got wind

he was in town, he was arrested due to a warrant for failure to appear in court.

Apparently, those paternity issues from over a year ago hadn’t been straightened out,

and he was supposed to appear in court for a paternity test. Needless to say he missed

it, and him popping up in Memphis under an alleged fake name didn’t help.

Rich was a free man just a few hours later, and he talked to us today saying he handled


“I’m good, I’m watching the Knicks game right now. I got into some trouble. Shorty

(his alleged baby’s mama) did some fabricating, but I’m good now.”

He said:

Mtown Bitch and yes I’m free hoe

And it didnt stop there. Rich went in on his Twitter (then later deleted it) saying:


This morning, his vixen girlfriend Erica Mena tweeted pics of them kissing, but

we’re told they’re old pics:

rich erica

We guess she was trying to show her “support.”

Well isn’t that…special. Guess we’ll see all this play out on season 3 of “Love & Hip

Hop.” Because, of course, we’ve learned that the cameras are still running and the

cast is still filming.


Chaundrea Nicolle

January 11, 2013: Rich Dollaz was ARRESTED last night in Memphis – for CHILD

SUPPORT. You see, his babys mother Chaundrea Nicolle had him put on Child sup-

port for their 12 year old daughter earlier this year. According to Chaundra he NEVER

really paid any support. But Rich claims that he is not CERTAIN that the girl is IN

FACT his. Either way, Rich went to Memphis, Chaundra’s home town, yesterday to do

a party. And Chaundra tipped off police – who apprehend Rich at the airport. Rich

was released on bail.

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