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MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015

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The daughters of a doctor now facing murder charges in the death of his wife say they always

knew their father had a plan to kill their mother and are “happy” he has finally been arrested.

Police arrested Martin MacNeill, 56, on Friday and booked him into the Utah County Jail for

first degree murder. The doctor and former Mormon Sunday school teacher served three

years in a Texas federal prison for fraud and was released in July.  An initial autopsy report

stated that Michele MacNeill, 50, had died of natural causes in April 2007, but authorities

now believe Martin MacNeill drugged and drowned his wife, who was found unconscious

in the bathtub.  MacNeill’s daughter, Alexis Somers, had long fought for police to reopen

the case, believing her father was responsible for her mother’s death. Somers and her

sister, Rachel MacNeill, had led the charge against the man they once called dad.  “We

know he’s guilty. We know he’ll harm again. If he’s let out he will come after us,” said

Rachel MacNeill. Somers said she was “so happy” and had waited “so long” for her

father to be held accountable.  “It’s horrible to be happy about the arrest of your father,

but finally he is being held accountable for murdering my mother,” she said.  It’s a

twisted family tale that began when Martin MacNeill, a father of seven, turned 50. His

daughters said he became obsessed with his looks and started to tan and exercise. Their

mother began to suspect an affair. Then, MacNeill focused on his wife’s looks, insisting

she get a face-lift.  “He had a plan to murder my mother, and this was just part of his plan,”

said Somers.  While caring for her mother after the surgery, Somers said she heard a

bombshell just days before her mother died. “A few days before her death, I was helping

her wash her hair and she turned to me and said, ‘Alex if anything happens to me make

sure it was not your father,’” said Somers.  On the day Michele MacNeill died, Martin

MacNeill had arrived home after picking up his then 6-year-old daughter from school.

They found Michele in the bathtub.  In a series of screaming 911 calls, Martin McNeill

hung up on the operator three times in five minutes. During that time, prosecutors say

he removed his wife’s pants, lied to the dispatcher about performing CPR and gave the

wrong address of his residence, further delaying emergency responders.  Michele Mac-

Neill’s autopsy initially concluded that she died of natural causes. Later, investigators

changed the cause of death to “Undetermined,” saying new information raised “suspicion,”

including the possibility that the combination of drugs in her body could have killed her

and she may have been forced to take them.  Prosecutors now believe MacNeill gave his

wife a dangerous combination of valium, Percocet and Ambien.  A search warrant filed last

year lays out the seemingly perfect motive: MacNeill’s alleged affair with Gypsy Willis, who

moved into the family’s home as a “nanny” two weeks after Michele’s death. The warrant

alleges that MacNeill “intentionally overdosed” his wife after she had plastic surgery be-

cause she approached him about the alleged affair. Somers vividly recalls the day her father

called to inform her of her mother’s death.  “When my father called I knew he’d killed her,”

Somers told ABC News. “I just started screaming he killed her. I knew it.”  MacNeill’s attor-

ney, Randy Spencer, said MacNeill “continues to adamantly deny that he killed his wife,

and is confident the truth will set him free.”  “My father planned and orchestrated my

mother’s death, and he thought he could get away with it,” said Somers.

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