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Mother Arrested for Trying to Kill Her 4 Kids and Her Ex-Husband on Christmas Day

Connie Villa
Police have arrested the mother of a teen girl who was found murdered

on Christmas Day.

According to the Casa Grande, Ariz., Police Department, Connie Villa,

35, allegedly attempted to kill all of four her children and her ex-hus-

band Adam Villa on Dec. 25.

She has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of her

daughter, 13-year-old Aniarael Macias, who was found dead in the fam-

ily apartment bathroom.

Police said they believe that Villa called her ex-husband to come over

on Christmas Day so that she could kill him. After he arrived, she alle-

gedly stabbed him repeatedly in the torso, police said. Adam Villa was

able to escape and call the police as he drove himself to the hospital.

When police arrived at Villa’s apartment, they forced open the door

and found her holding a knife to her chest with apparent self-inflicted

stab wounds on her torso.

Villa’s three younger children, ages 3, 5, and 8, were also found with-

out any stab wounds. Macias’ body was found in the bathroom, but

she had no visible injuries, Casa Grande Police Department spokes-

man Thomas Anderson said.

After the younger children were taken to the hospital, trace amounts

of opiates were found in their system. Police say they suspect Villa

was trying to poison her children.

An autopsy conducted on Anariel on Saturday was inconclusive.

“We are anxiously awaiting the results of the toxicology report to

determine that [cause of death],” Anderson said. “Evidence found

on scene and interviews of the children give us cause to believe

Aniarael was also given some type of prescription narcotic drug.”

Connie Villa and Adam Villa were treated at two different hospitals

and Adam Villa remained hospitalized today in stable condition.

Although Adam Villa is the father of Connie Villa’s three younger

children, he is not the biological father of Aniarael Macias.

According to police, Aniarael’s biological father has been working

with investigators since the incident occurred.

Connie Villa was taken into custody by police this morning after

she was released from the hospital.

In addition to the first degree murder charge, she faces four char-

ges of attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill Adam Villa and

her three younger children. The investigation is ongoing and Villa

could face additional charges.

Her three younger children are under the care of Adam Villa’s fam-

ily, while he remains in the hospital, police said.

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