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SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2015

Hundreds of People Fall Victim to ATM Bank Skimming In Medford New Jersey

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MEDFORD, N.J. – January 23, 2013 – Police in South Jersey are warning customers

of a Burlington County bank to check their accounts because it appears someone

used a device to steal private information off their ATM cards.

Police know of 15 victims in Medford, but there may be hundreds more who do not

yet know they could also be victims of fraud.

“I would immediately check your bank account if you can check it online; if you have

to wait for the bank to open in the morning, do so immediately,” Medford Police

Chief Richard Meder said.

Medford police say over the weekend, customers who used the ATM at the TD Bank

branch on Stokes Road began calling saying their accounts had been compromised.

“It appears that after being compromised, those cards were used in the New York

City and Connecticut area,” Meder said.

An investigation by TD Bank determined that back in mid-December, culprits in-

stalled an illegal skimming device on the ATM, a device that is very difficult for a

customer to detect.

“You can’t walk up and you’re not going to see it on there; it’s very difficult to locate,”

Meder said.

The device allows a customer to make an ATM transaction, but it is also secretly re-

cording the card’s information and pin number. 

“Normally, the perpetrators will wait some time before they’ll create another back-

up card and create their own MAC card, They’ll have your pin number and they’ll

go out and use it,” Meder said.

Officials believe the device was on the ATM for a 24 hour period before it was re-


In that time frame, many customers’ debit card information may have been stolen.

“At this point, TD Bank says several hundred that they are aware of. They are in

the process of trying to identify all those account holders and notifying them,”

Meder said.

Medford police are working with federal and other local law enforcement agencies

to locate the culprits responsible.  Police are urging anyone who used the ATM in

mid-December to check their bank accounts right away and call police or the bank

if there’s a problem.

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