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MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015

Cops Bust Prostitution Operation In Old City Section of Philadelphia


OLD CITY – November 14, 2012 – Philadelphia police busted what they say is a

prostitution operation in Philadelphia’s Old City section.

Police add it’s not the first time they’ve been there.

Action News was on the scene Wednesday morning when police raided 42

Basement on South 3rd Street in the heart of the city’s historic section.

Police had received information from the National Human Trafficking Con-

ference that there was the possibility of prostitution activity going on invol-

ving individuals who may have been trafficked. Among them was an alleged

juvenile prostitute who was being physically abused.  “Obviously, when you

have the allegation of underage females being trafficked, we put a priority on

that,” Lt. Charles Green of the Vice Enforcement Unit said. The establishment

had placed ads in area newspapers advertising itself as a massage parlor and

offering body shampoos, relaxation and dry sauna.  But police say an undercover

officer soon established that there was a lot more going on here at 42 Basement.

Thor Brucher, a resident of Old City, said there were many signs the place was

more than a massage parlor.  “The red light underneath, the gate always being

open and people coming in and out. Everyone knew,” Brucher said. “Since 1998,

we’ve been to this location a total of seven times and made over 25 arrests,” Lt.

Green said.  In the end, police found no evidence of the young woman, alleged to

be a prostitute, was being physically abused.  But they did arrest three women at

42 Basement and charged them with soliciting prostitution.

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