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Rick Ross’ Tour Bus Gets Robbed In Detroit


Good thing Rick Ross is not the forgiving type! He’d have a lot of reconciling to do with his

inner soul. I was JUST told that there was a home invasion on Rick Ross’s tour bus!  The

realness of Detroit caught up with Rick Ross first hand and his tour bus suffered.

July 22, 2012: Rapper Rick Ross was CAUGHT SLIPPING this weekend in Detroit. You see,

he parked his TOUR BUS on the street . . . and as HUNGRY as the streets are in Detroit . . .

they thought it was FOOD!!!

The streets say a group of ARMED MEN burst into the bus . . . expecting to take hostages

and ROB EVERYONE. Luckily for Rozay and them, no one was on the bus. So the goons

STOLE everything they could . . . and BROKE UP ISH when they were done.

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