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SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015

Joseline Hernandez Got Her AZZ Beat Last Night In Atlanta

BREAKING NEWS: On July 3, 2012 Joseline Hernandez Was Attacked in Atlanta. According

to sources, Joseline Hernandez was just attacked in an Atlanta Night club. He tweeted

“omg….at party Ms Joseline was attacked …. she got f#cked up, blood running down her face

so sad stevie just got her…

 “Well well well Joseline just got her azz beat on Auburn Avenue”

“Chick walked up to Joseline and asked why she had a abortion. She pushed the girl, appar-

ently it was at this time that the girl commenced to whooping Joseline ass. Stevie J alledgely

came to rescue Joseline’s rescue.”

“She apparently popped Joseline with a bottle”

Joseline was inside the club, everything was going well and she was approached by some girls

that said they were some fans…One of the girls asked her about her ‘getting rid of the baby’…

Joseline brushed the girl off and the girl ‘knocked her the eff out’….then Stevie J, came, rushed

and put her in the car and they drove off…

Stay tuned for photos and more video coming soon.

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