Lol, they know Russ crazy….

OAKLAND, Calif. — Russell Westbrook said he is going to “get his ass back,” with regard

to Zaza Pachulia’s hard foul in the second quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ 121-100

win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday.

“He hit me kind of hard,” Westbrook said. “But it’s all right. I’m gonna get his ass back.

Straight up.”

With time ticking down before the half, Pachulia knocked Westbrook down, appearing

to push the ball into Westbrook’s face. Westbrook remained on the floor holding his face.

Pachulia was handed a flagrant foul 1 for the play, following a review by the officials.

But what upset Westbrook was Pachulia’s reaction to the foul. The Warriors big man

took a couple of steps to stand over Westbrook when the Thunder point guard was on the


“No, I didn’t see that until just now, but I don’t play that game,” a clearly agitated West-

brook said. “I’m gonna get his ass back. Whenever that is, I don’t know what it’s going

to be, but I don’t play that game.”

The Warriors visit the Thunder on Feb. 11.

“I thought it was a good steal, honestly, because I had the ball in my hands,” Pachulia

said. “Officials called a foul; there’s nothing you can do. A foul is a foul. If it was a hard

foul, it was a hard foul. There is nothing you can do. So you just move on. If he got hurt,

that’s fine too. It’s part of the game.”

The Clippers are either cursed or just have the worst luck in the world.

CP3 or Blake always seem to get hurt every year. I thought this team

was just one Small Forward or Shooting Guard away but it’s looking more

and more like it’s just never going to happen for them.

Clippers guard Chris Paul underwent surgery Wednesday to repair a torn ligament

in his left thumb, the team announced. He is expected to be sidelined six to

eight weeks.

Paul, 31, sprained his left thumb in the second quarter of Monday night’s win

over the Oklahoma City Thunder and was ruled out for the rest of the game.

X-rays on the thumb were negative, but an MRI on Tuesday revealed the torn ligament.

Paul was defending Russell Westbrook and sprained the thumb fighting over a screen

set by Joffrey Lauvergne at the top of the 3-point line.

The Clippers called a timeout shortly after, and Paul immediately walked off the court,

kicking the bench as he exited. Paul could be seen on the TNT broadcast shaking his

head at Clippers team trainer Jasen Powell as they walked through the players tunnel

to the locker room.

This is not the first time Paul has undergone a procedure on his thumb. He underwent

surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb during the 2012 offseason.

Paul played part of the 2011-12 season and the 2012 Summer Olympics with the thumb

wrapped in tape.

Wednesday’s operation will be performed by Dr. Steve Shin, who also oversaw Paul’s

2012 surgery.

Paul also broke his right hand in Game 4 of the first round in the 2016 playoffs

against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Clippers have been beset by injuries this season. Star forward Blake Griffin

missed his 13th game Monday night as he recovers from arthroscopic knee surgery.

Sharpshooter J.J. Redick missed two games because of a sore left hamstring.

And Paul missed seven games in a two-week span because of a strained left hamstring.

Since the start of last season, the Clippers are just 3-9 in games without both Paul

and Griffin.

A nine-time All-Star, Paul is averaging 17.7 points, 9.8 assists and 5.3 rebounds and

leads the league with 2.25 steals per game. He has a .611 true shooting percentage

and a player efficiency rating of 27.48, which is sixth-best in the NBA.

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SMH damnnnn,

I like TaxStone’s podcast too…

Word is that now they saying Tax is the original shooter and he will probably get

charged with murder along with weapons charges.  They also saying that the guy

he brought the gun from is snitching along with a couple other eye witnesses….

Stay tuned and We’ll keep you informed.

Last May, the hip-hop world witnessed one of the most unfortunate moments

this decade, when someone lost their life at a T.I. concert – surrounding

Ronald ‘Troy Ave’ Collins. The Irving Plaza incident left Ave shot, his best

friend dead and several others injured during the Manhattan night.

Troy was soon held for nearly two months in jail, for alleged murder and

weapon possession charges; but was finally granted a $500,000 bail,

after the green room shooting.

Just last December, Ave was also shot in his head while driving in

Brooklyn, which was the second attempt on his life. However, today,

NYPD authorities revisited last spring’s shooting and formally arrested

Daryl ‘Taxstone’ Campbell at his aunt’s house in East New York.

Taxstone is set to be arraigned tomorrow morning on a federal weapons

possession charge for the incident, as he’ll have to spend the night behind

bars. In the past, Mr. Campbell was arrested for weapons and robbery

charges, which he served 18 months for the original time.

However, after a parole violation in 2010, he was forced to serve eight

more months – right before another parole violation in 2012, where he

served just 11 days to complete time. We’ll keep you updated if anything

progresses leading up to the trial for both individuals and their


GERMANTOWN (WPVI) – Police say a 44-year-old bar manager is dead after a

fight with the security guard on duty in Philadelphia’s Germantown section.

It happened around 11 p.m. Monday at Sharon’s Little Spot, located at the

intersection of Boyer and East Woodlawn streets.

Police say there was a simmering fight between the manager and guard.

They were in an employee’s back room when the argument became physical.

The 28-year-old guard told police the manager hit him over the head with

a bottle.

And that’s when, police say, the guard pulled out his gun and fired three

times at the manager.

The manager was hit twice in the torso and once in the leg.

He was conscious when police arrived, but the victim died a short time

later at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Police say the guard remained at the scene and was taken into custody.

Officers also took possession of his weapon.

There was one patron in the bar at the time of the shooting. That person

was taken in for questioning.

Friends and family are mourning a teen boy who was shot and killed inside the

West Philadelphia store where his father works Sunday afternoon.

Sean D. Jones, 16, was inside the Gary Global Links Video Productions store on

the 200 block of N. 52nd Street shortly before 1 p.m. when a gunman went inside

and opened fire. Jones was struck once in the head. Witnesses say his father,

who works at the store, found Jones on the floor moments after the shooting.

“My dad was around the back and came and saw my brother on the floor lying

down on his face,” Sean’s brother, Shaquille Jones, told NBC10. “They shot

my brother in his head.”

Jones was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he was

pronounced dead at 3:14 p.m.

A weapon has not been recovered and no arrests have been made. Police

told NBC10 they have access to surveillance video which should show the

gunman entering the store though they are not releasing it at this time.

Jones was a student at Overbrook High School. His family had moved to

Philadelphia from Jamaica in order to give the teen a good education.

Loved ones say Jones was a quiet, nice boy who loved school and often

did his homework inside the very same store where he was killed.

“My nephew is innocent,” said Jones’ aunt Diane Esty. “Why did they

have to take his life?”

The incident was the second fatal shooting in West Philadelphia Sunday.

A 27-year-old man was shot six to seven times in the face and chest on

the 5700 block of Spruce Street. He was taken to Presbyterian Hospital

by police and pronounced dead at 2:02 p.m. No arrests have been made.