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HOUSTON, TEXAS – David Richard Wilson, 33, was found guilty of the sexual assault

of a child in 2005 and sentenced to four years in prison. Six years later, when he got

out of prison and he was right back at it again.

Wilson would then wind up in court once again for sexually assaulting a child.

This time the victims were his own nieces..

He raped his 14-year-old niece and his 23-month-old niece.. And that’s not the worst

part.. Uncle Wilson gave his nieces HIV including other sexually transmitted diseases.

A court document states that the alleged assault occurred last year. The toddler’s

parents are said to have lived out of state, had drug problems, and sent their daughter

to live with family in Houston.

The child is the daughter of Wilson’s sister.

Last November, the toddler (less than 2-years-old) was taken to a doctor, where she

was diagnosed with HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia.

Reconstructive surgery was performed because of infection to her private parts.

A doctor told investigators that she had to have been sexually abused because of the

sexually transmitted diseases that were detected.

Four people in the home where the child lived were tested. Only one, the affidavit

states, tested positive for HIV. It was David R Wilson. It’s unclear why Wilson was

not arrested at the time.

Last month, a 14-year-old girl spoke to the Children’s Assessment Center, telling a

caseworker she had been having sex with a man for two years. She identified the

man as David R Wilson and said she was pregnant. An exam of the girl showed that

she was HIV positive, had herpes and chlamydia.

Wilson was taking the 14-year-old girl to a Lover’s Lane Cul De Sac to have sex with

her… She was a virgin before he molested her.

Wilson was arrested, and is now being held without bond in the Harris County Jail.

His first court appearance is expected to be Friday. He was a registered sex offender

even before the children were placed around him..

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A Northeast Philadelphia man fired an assault rifle at his neighbor more than

two dozen times after an argument spiraled out of control Thursday night.

“The shooter fired multiple shots, unloaded his magazine, then reloaded the weapon,”

said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Not only was the 57-year-old neighbor hit multiple times but bullets — police said

at least 28 were fired — also hit neighboring homes along the 8900 block Alton Street

in the Bustleton section of the city.

Medics rushed a 57-year-old man from the scene to Einstein Medical Center in critical

condition, according to Philadelphia Police.

“This victim stated who he was shot by,” said Small.

Investigators said the incident began as an argument between the older man and a

26-year-old suspect around 7:30 p.m. in the rear driveway of the homes. At some point

the suspect grabbed an assault rifle and began firing, police said.

At least 20 bullets hit two neighboring homes, said police. Officers checked on the

residents inside and luckily no one was hit.

Police arrested the unidentified shooting suspect without incident and confiscated

the rifle, said Small.

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Since Tyga has tweeted about his album being in limbo because of his label, and his “forced relationships” with fellow YM rappers Nicki Minaj and Drake (who he thinks is fake), everyone from Young Money has been rather quiet about the situation.

Mack Maine tweeted a response to Tyga at one point, and Nicki unfollowed him on Twitter, but that was about it in regards to a clap back…

Until now!

Chubbs from Drake’s OVO camp fired shots at Tyga when he posted a video on Instagram with the hashtag:  “#TheyRWhoWeThoughtTheyWere #Eps.1.

The video shows Tyga on a canceled MTV program called “Bustas” followed by the popular Dennis Green statement “They are who we thought they were!”

And while Drake hasn’t responded back to Tyga directly about his statements to Vibe about being fake, Drake’s been liking Blac Chyna’s pictures on Instagram in the mean time.

Can you say messy?

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LOS ANGELES — Steve Nash hoped for one more chance to show off his playmaking skills after fighting injuries and time for two miserable years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Instead, Nash couldn’t even make it to opening night in the 19th season of his remarkable career.

Nash will miss the entire season because of a back injury, the Lakers announced Thursday, putting the two-time NBA MVP point guard’s career in doubt.

The Lakers and the 40-year-old Nash announced their joint decision less than a week before the start of the regular season. He played in only 15 games last season with nerve root irritation but hoped for a comeback season after several months of rehabilitation.

The Canadian star played in just three preseason games, feeling more back pain in the second outing. He then strained his back while carrying travel bags several days ago.

“Being on the court this season has been my top priority, and it is disappointing to not be able to do that right now,” Nash said. “I work very hard to stay healthy, and unfortunately my recent setback makes performing at full capacity difficult. I will continue to support my team during this period of rest and will focus on my long-term health.”

Nash will “focus on rest and rehabilitation,” according to the team’s news release. He is in the final season of his three-year contract with the Lakers, but the club’s announcement made no mention of possible retirement.

Nash has played in only 65 games since the Lakers traded four draft picks for him in 2012 in a spectacularly failed attempt to assemble a title contender built around Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Nash.

Bryant, who missed all but six games last season with two major injuries, has played in the same backcourt with Nash for just 48 games.

“As disappointed as we are for ourselves and our fans, we’re even more disappointed for Steve,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said. “We know how hard he’s worked the last two years to try to get his body right for the rigors of the NBA, and how badly he wants to play, but unfortunately he simply hasn’t been able to get there up to this point in time. Steve has been a consummate professional, and we greatly appreciate his efforts.”

Nash, the NBA’s oldest active player, is due more than $9 million this season. His salary counts toward the Lakers’ cap.

If Nash’s career ends with his latest injury, it likely won’t dull the impact of the greatest player in Canadian history and one of the most complete offensive guards of his generation.

He is third on the NBA’s career assists list, trailing only John Stockton and Jason Kidd. Nash also is the most accurate free throw shooter in NBA history, barely edging Mark Price’s career mark at 90.4 percent.

During training camp, Nash said he realized the upcoming season likely would be his last. Yet he refused to call it a farewell tour, holding out hope of playing beyond this season if his back held up under the pounding of a full NBA schedule.

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Melyssa Ford is back in the hospital after the “Blood Sweat & Heels” brawl earlier this week!

That bottle action from castmate Geneva Thomas is the gift that keeps on giving. A miserable gift. We’ve learned that Melyssa Ford was rushed to the hospital again today after her injuries from Tuesday night’s brawl between the “Blood Sweat & Heels” co-stars.

Apparently, Melyssa’s injuries were more serious than the initial three stitches she received after Geneva allegedly hit her in the head with a vodka bottle at a boat party in Manhattan.

She was being taken back to hospital today because of her head injuries. We’ve also learned that she can’t walk due to several gashes under her feet from broken glass during brawl. And based on the pics we nabbed of her hopping on crutches today outside of the hospital, her right foot looks quite injured.

We’re told that thanks to all the trauma and drama, she hasn’t slept since the incident.


- has exclusively learned that Geneva Thomas of “Blood, Sweat & Heels” was arrested in Manhattan last night. It all stemmed from a fight with fellow cast member Melyssa Ford, and it was ALL caught on camera.

Here’s what we know:

The cast of Bravo’s “Blood, Sweat & Heels” is currently filming the second season. Last night, while cameras rolled at a boat party at Pier 40 near Hudson River Park, an altercation popped off between Melyssa and Geneva.

Our source tells us that Geneva allegedly attacked Melyssa with a vodka bottle. The brawl resulted in Melyssa having to get stitches, so we’re told, and Geneva getting arrested. We’ve verified that Geneva was booked at 9:42pm Tuesday evening and was taken to the 6th Precinct of Manhattan. She has allegedly been charged with two felony assaults.

Geneva will face the judge at Manhattan Criminal Court at 2p today.

Geneva was also arrested last month for allegedly not paying a cab driver. She claimed the driver charged her an unjust and unfair amount.


In case you missed Lil Wayne and Christina Milian parading around all hugged up rocking matching

sneakers in Philly, partying hard for Weezy’s birthday in L.A. and holding hands at the 2014 ESPY


Let those two tell it…they’re just “friends”. Christina explained it as a musical connection…they’re just

“making music.” Hmph.

It definitely looks like more than just friends. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Lil Wayne’s

first wife and mother of his daughter, Toya Wright (who is married to MempHitz), is weighing in on

the two allegedly dating.


During an interview with VLAD TV, when asked what she thought about their relationship she simply

called it “a hot mess.” She said,

“It’s a hot mess, if you want my honest opinion. That’s just too much. I just don’t think that’s cool.

It’s too many other women out there to date your son’s mother ex-husband girl. It’s just too much.

So just a lot to explain to your kids, so I feel Nivea [who had similar sentiments in another interview]

on that.”

Let’s break it down: Nivea has three children with her ex-husband The Dream. She also has a son with

Lil Wayne. Christina Milian has a daughter with The Dream (who is also her ex-husband) and is now

allegedly dating Lil Wayne. Got it?

So has she talked to Wayne about it?

“I mean…no I don’t really get into Wayne’s love life unless it has something to do with my daughter.

I don’t get into his love life like that.”

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Things are getting messy as shit over at Young Money headquarters, and Tyga is speaking out on it!!

It all started when Tyga voiced his displeasure on Twitter about his new album “The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty,” being stuck in limbo because Young Money wouldn’t give him a release date for it.

Mack Maine responded to the rapper on Twitter, but that didn’t change the MC’s stance on how he felt.

Now an interview with Vibe has come out, and things are getting just getting messier! Tyga explained in the interview that he doesn’t really get along with YM rappers Nicki Minaj or Drake, and that Drizzy is fake.

“I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me. I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people. We were forced together and it was kinda’ like we were forcing relationships together… But I been friends with Chris [Brown] for like six years. That’s my real genuine friend…”

“At the end of the day the reason why I signed to Young Money is because of Wayne. Not because of Drake, not because of Nicki. It was because of Wayne and my relationship with him. I try to be cool with everybody, but sometimes, everybody just has different personalities, motives, and different characters. When you realize that, you realize that’s not a place where you want to continue to grow.”

Time will only tell if Tyga will stay with Young Money, switch to another label, or just go independent.

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